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Welcome to LIFE Training

LIFE Training & Development welcomes you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning and growth. LIFE aims to empower individuals and organisations to increase their self-awareness (current reality) and in the process, enhance and sustain their personal and organisational performance (desired future).

What we do

  • LIFE Training & Development provides quality training for youths, working adults (new to the workforce as well as senior leaders and managers) through the five main pillars of management i.e. LIFE Management; Career Management; Leadership Development & Change Management; People Development & Performance Management; and Character Education & Self-Management. Topics include: Self-Awareness, Goal Setting, Time Management, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Assessment Centres, Emotional, Cultural and Adversity Quotient, Communication Skills, Leadership Development, Strategic Thinking and Coaching & Mentoring.

  • LIFE’s protocol and pedagogy are highly interactive and experiential comprising games, role play, videos, stories, guided visualization, case studies, dialogues, strategic conversations, discussions, reflections, outdoor adventure and learning journeys etc.

  • LIFE Training & Development empowers people and organisations in living a Life of Purpose and Possibilities through continuous learning and growth. As a company, we embody the belief of LIFE - Learning Is Fun and Exciting.
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