• “Living a life of purpose & possibilities”

“Being busy is not the same as being productive. It is the difference between running on a treadmill and running to a destination. They are both running, but being busy is running in place”.

Peter Bregman

LIFE Management

Ready to Change My LIFE
The ‘Ready to Change My Life’ Modules aim to empower and support participants to reframe and live a life of purpose and possibilities. Participants will be led through the following 8 modules to enhance & sustain personal performance by tapping into their conscious and sub-conscious minds.
(Duration: 8 session x 1.5 hour)

Self-Awareness – My LIFE Mirror

LIFE believes that for any change to take place, it must begin with the “Man in the Mirror” (Self-Awareness). This module provides participants with a better understanding of themselves, their interests, strengths and talents. It helps participants link this self-knowledge to their desired future. Participants will also be guided to identify their current challenges and optimize the available resources to achieve their goals.

Understanding & Tapping the Power of Mind – My LIFE Energy

Scientists often state that human beings use only 5% of our brains. Many people are ”shut out” of their own potential because they do not know about this storehouse of infinite intelligence and boundless love within themselves (the other 95%). This module is the engine of the “Ready to Change My Life” modules and is fundamental to successful change. It allows participants to explore the power of the mind at both the conscious & sub-conscious levels. Participants will be taught various techniques to unleash the power of their mind (conscious & sub-conscious) such as Self-Talk, Mental Housekeeping, Generative Resource Anchoring, Swish Pattern, Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis.

Setting Intentions/Goal Setting – My LIFE Plan

In this module, participants will discover what is important and meaningful to them and the recipe for success. They will be taught strategies on intention and goal setting and how to overcome challenges such as procrastination, fear and limiting beliefs.

Paying Attention/Time Management – My LIFE Diary

Habit number 3 of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” – ‘First Things First’ (Time Management) is the most difficult and the most important habit to practice. This habit requires self-discipline and sacrifice and postponing gratification. Participants will be taught the importance of setting high standards, prioritisation, staying focused and being persistent.

Leadership & Communication – My LIFE Influence

Great Leadership is rare because it requires great thinking, initiative, people and action management competencies. This requires the harmonious working of the “3 Brains” i.e. Brain in the Head; Brain in the Heart; & Brain in the Gut. To positively “move & shake” organisations and create meaningful communities, leaders must regularly & consistently communicate with and engage their people. In this module, participants will be equipped with the essential mindsets and skill sets to become effective leaders. They will also learn and practise the tools of communicating concisely and effectively - an important leadership competency as well as a life skill.

EQ & AQ – My LIFE Resources

In the past, people associated intelligence (IQ) with success. Recent research has shown that our emotions and our ability to thrive under challenges play a much greater role in thought, decision-making and success than are commonly acknowledged. The ability to understand and effectively manage our emotions and others’ is commonly known as Emotional Intelligence/Quotient (EQ) while the ability to cope with and bounce back from setbacks is known as Adversity Quotient. In this module, participants will learn social emotional skills, i.e. how to better manage their own emotions and how to work well with others (people skills). They will also learn techniques and skills such as quieting the voice within, looking deeply within, reframing challenges into opportunities, mental housekeeping & positive self-talk.

Group Conversations & Coaching – My LIFE Coach

Coaching is an enabling process to unlock a person’s potential to maximize performance, development and fulfilment. This module allows Trainers/Coaches to coach and guide participants on their life journey at a more personal level. Participants will be divided into small groups and attached to a coach. During the coaching session, coaches will guide participants to clarify their goals, challenges and identify resources to help them achieve their goals.

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