• “Living a life of purpose & possibilities”

“Character is like a tree and reputation, like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing”.

Abraham Lincoln

Character Education & Self-Management

GEAR-UP Programme: Dream... Believe... Achieve...
The Gear-Up Programme aims to enhance students’ social-emotional competencies in the five domains of Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Other- Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making. The programme aims to empower students with the mindset and language to reframe challenges into opportunities as well as to discover their own strengths, needs, values and areas of interest.

This highly fun and experiential life skills programme is designed over 12 to 16 weekly sessions over a semester to ensure that students have an enjoyable & meaningful experience as well as achieve optimal learning & performance. The programme comprises 3 components:
  • Highly experiential life skills activities (e.g. muay thai, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, soccer, floorball, dragon boating, rafting, cup stacking, baking, bowling & Ed-Venture trail / Amazing Race) for all students
  • Enriching life skills workshops (growth mindset, finding my inner compass, goal setting & time management), learning journeys for all students
  • Group mentoring & individualised coaching conversations for all students
  • A formative & individualised report of all students
LIFE currently collaborates with “The Long Shot Training & Development” (www.thelongshottraining.com) and “The Holistic Experience” (https://m.facebook.com/TheHolisticExperience/) to provide experiential and holistic life skills programmes. Drawing from our extensive experience working with students from many schools in the Time-Out Programmes, we believe that the experiential learning approach comprising outdoor elements, sports, music, visuals, movies, real life stories, fables, dialogues and reflections enables our facilitators/coaches to effectively connect with and engage the students. Through these meaningful interactions, our facilitators/coaches aim to positively impact and “gear-up” the students to aspire and set higher goals and standards of behaviour in their lives.
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