• “Living a life of purpose & possibilities”

“Your vision will become clear when you look into your heart…. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens”.

Carl Jung

Career Management

Landing My DREAM Job
The Career Management Workshop Modules empowers and supports participants in clarifying their purpose, career goals and develop their oral and written competencies to secure their dream job.

We have conducted various career management modules for Year 6 International Baccalaureate (IB) Students from School of the Arts (SOTA), undergraduates from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) undergraduates and post-graduate students (Masters & PhD) from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

Resume & Cover Letter

This workshop provides participants with the fundamentals of writing impactful resume and cover letter. The workshop starts with “Understanding Self” (My Inner Voice). Participants will align this self-knowledge to the specific jobs, companies and industries they are seeking for (relevancy). Participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to highlight their passion, strengths and talents so as to achieve “Stickability” with their prospective employers. “Stickability” is the concept of how impactful resume and cover letter can differentiate and make participants stand out from the rest.

Duration: 2 x 3 hour workshop or 1 x 6 hour workshop

Personal Statements

The programme aims to increase participants’ self-awareness of their values, needs, passions & strengths and equip them with the competencies to compose their personal statements to gain scholarship and admission to universities and organisations of their choices. Participants will be guided on how to leverage on their strengths (using Strengthsfinder 2.0) & their values to prepare impactful personal statements. They will also get the opportunity to critique, discuss and learn from sample personal statements and dialogue with scholarship holders.

Duration: 2 day workshop

Interview Skills

This highly interactive workshop provides participants with ample opportunity to learn and practice handling different types of interview, the typical and not so typical interview questions, and how to follow up after an interview. Participants will also learn how to harness language, facial expression and other non-verbal communication to enhance their performance. Demonstration and Mock Interviews will be conducted and feedback provided to individual participant. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to face interviews confidently.

Duration: 1 day workshop

Assessment Centres

This workshop will introduce the concept of assessment centre to the participants as an evaluation process. Participants will go through some common exercises used by assessment centre so as to gain a better understanding of the assessment criteria. This will better prepare them for the various situational exercises used by assessment centre such as case studies, group work and discussions, presentations and in-tray exercise to evaluate and select candidate in real life.

Duration: 1 day workshop

Cultural Quotient

In an interconnected globalised world where people work in different places and with people from different countries, understanding of cultural differences is critical to success. Cultural Intelligence or Cultural Quotient (CQ) is about understanding the impact of an individual's cultural background on their behaviour in business and social setting. Participants will learn strategies to leverage on cognitive (head), physical (body) and emotional (heart) means to understand and emphathise the different behaviour driven by culture to bring about effective outcomes in their business and social life.

Duration: 3 hour workshop

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